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Long Distance Scooter

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What is a Long Distance Scooter?

A long distance scooter is specifically designed for extended travel on a single charge. Also known as a long-range scooter, electric long distance scooters have high-capacity batteries and efficient motors, giving the scooters the capacity for longer distance travel. They’re particularly useful for commuting to work, or any travel within city or suburban areas, reducing the need for frequent charging. Typically, they can cover distances ranging from 30km to 100km (or more) on a single charge. These scooters also come with advanced features to make your travel experience more efficient and comfortable, including enhanced suspension systems, larger wheels and stronger frames.

Benefits of a Long Distance Scooter

There are many benefits of investing in electric long distance scooters. First, the extended battery life means you will need to recharge less, which makes them ideal for longer commutes. This is more convenient, saves time and reduces the need for frequent stops to recharge. These scooters are also designed to be stronger than traditional scooters, ensuring they can handle longer distances and have a longer lifespan. They are more comfortable and stable, featuring advanced suspension and larger wheels that enable them to navigate various terrains. Long distance scooters are also a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint, and they promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging outdoor activity and reducing reliance on cars and public transport.

What are the different kinds of long distance scooters available from Segway Online?

Segway Online offers a huge range of commuter scooters:

  • SuperScooter GT2: A high-performance scooter for extreme riders, offering exceptional speed and range up to 90km.
  • SuperScooter GT1: Known for its power, it is suitable for both city and off-road adventures and has a range of up to 70km.
  • KickScooter MAX G2: Ideal for urban commutes with excellent battery life, strong build quality, and range up to 70km.
  • KickScooter F2 Pro: Offers a great balance of speed, range up to 55km, and affordability, perfect for everyday use.
  • KickScooter F2 Plus Enhanced with additional features for a smoother ride and better performance, with a range of up to 55km.
  • KickScooter F2: The latest model designed for optimal efficiency and user-friendly experience. It has a range of up to 40km.

How do I choose the perfect Long Distance scooter for me?

To find the perfect long distance scooter, you need to think about what you want to achieve. Start by assessing your typical riding distance to ensure the scooter's range meets your travelling needs. Look for scooters with high-capacity batteries and efficient motors for longer rides. Consider the terrain you’ll be riding on; a model with advanced suspension and powerful performance is the best option if it includes rough or hilly areas. Portability might be another key factor, particularly if you need to carry the scooter on public transport or store it compactly. Check for safety features like reliable brakes and sturdy construction, and last but not least, make sure the scooter suits your budget!

Are electric Long Distance scooters legal?

Scooter laws change for each state across Australia. Here’s a rundown:

  • NSW: Only rental scooters are legal for those 16 years and older. Other electric scooters are illegal.
  • VIC: Riders must be at least 16 years old. Speed limits are 20 km/hr on footpaths, shared paths, bike lanes, and roads.
  • QLD: Riders aged 12 with parental supervision and 16 without can use scooters. Speed limits are 12 km/hr on footpaths and shared paths, and 25 km/hr on bike lanes and roads.
  • SA: Riders must be 18 years or older. Speed limits are 15 km/hr on footpaths and shared paths. Bike lane and road riding are prohibited.
  • WA: Minimum age is 16. Speed limits are 10 km/hr on footpaths and 25 km/hr on shared paths, bike lanes, and roads.
  • ACT: Riders must be at least 12 years old. Speed limits are 15 km/hr on footpaths and 25 km/hr on shared paths. Riding on bike lanes and roads is not allowed.
  • TAS: Riders must be at least 16 years old. Speed limits are 15 km/hr on footpaths and 25 km/hr on shared paths, bike lanes, and roads.
  • NT: Only rental scooters are legal; privately owned electric scooters are prohibited.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general reference only, accurate as of May 29th, 2024. Local regulations regarding electric scooter use and purchasing may vary. We strongly encourage you to conduct independent research and consult with your local transport authority before purchasing or operating an electric scooter in your state.

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